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KOMAX BIKES Co., Ltd. specializes in producing  mountain bike, road bike, wagon, folding, stroller and special vehicles, etc., but also to undertake OEM. The company has a professional cycling team, relying on the European bicycle technology, brands KOMAX Kemai Shi bike for the National Recruitment strength of dealers and agents to join. To provide one-stop service shops, high-end image, full of goods, professional guidance, precise style promotion. Multi-type vehicles, professional-style services to meet different levels of consumers.

The company has its own brand KOMAX, Chinese translated as "Kemai Shi." Kemai Shi brand from Australia, has nearly 27 history, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981 with his loving Sir William returned to Australia, opened his first bike shop, with the establishment of hobby and bike riding club, the more the more people to participate in the William clubs in the past. Based on love and study, in 1983 founded his own small factory, decades later, William through continuous innovation, breaking his traditional creative design talent to play the most, and with the 1987 creation of the Australian KOMAX brand, have always loved to bike enthusiasts. To make the brand to the world, William family in several cities Australia, Taiwan and USA opened a store, thus setting off a burst of Australia KOMAX frenzy.
Development so far, Australia has KOMAX virtue of superior quality and highly Australia, Taiwan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia cycling enthusiasts respected, and made Chinese provinces dealers and consumers support and recognition.

2011 formal co-operation with the Shenzhen Max car industry, specializing in the development of bicycle production, Factory all employees are trained to reach the factory sound system management requirements to achieve improved production and quality stability.

End of 2013, based on the needs of the Chinese market, China's domestic market summary two years of experience, research and design more in line with people's products, with quality in the world to require every piece of merchandise, so each item is a boutique. Consumer satisfaction, so that our partners are making money is our goal.

"For we must first repair the outer extension" of China after careful market research, confidence, determination, a high degree of consistency, in 2014 established the KOMAX China operations center (Kemai Shi Bicycle Division)

2013 Michael Adams car industry with his own brand of komax year quarter Shanghai took part in a bike show, bike show, Nanjing and Shenzhen Carnival Bike Show and strength with a number of well-known agents and terminal mainland customers, promotion and development Kemai Shi brand. Kemai Shi Division now has nearly 10 years of working experience in the marketing team, specializing in bicycle sales and service.

Cycling as a traditional means of transport, today she has a whole new way to experience and exercise into our lives, not just a means of transport bike, it is fashionable, healthy, low carbon travel, synonymous with green. Riding a bicycle to travel and experience the world a good mood!

Michael Adams car industry adhere to the "virtuous exceptional talent recruitment, training to use not only virtuous, talented restrict the use of non-German, non-German firm was not" employing the principle, and look forward to your friend, accompanied with achievements!

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